Getting warm I

Winter is already here, and there’s no other option than assuming it. It’s time to remove the warm clothes from the wardrobe. It’s really easy to keep warm with style, it’s just a matter of choosing the right garment. Parka, raincoat, duffle or padded coat…which one do I buy?  The best thing is to have several … More Getting warm I


Another colour that I’ve been obsessed with is mint. The truth is that I really like the whole range of pastel colours, though I never say no to a range of neon colours!! I’m made a mess!! This jacket is one of those garments that are never absent in my wardrobe during mid season. For … More Mint

Random Pictures 2

Hi everyone!! Here a selection of some of the pictures I’ve been posting lately on my Instagram (@menchurl). Hope you like them!! See you tomorrow! ¡Hola a todos! Aquí os dejo una selección de algunas de las fotos que he subido a mi Instagram (@menchurl) estos últimos días. ¡Espero que os gusten! ¡¡Hasta mañana!!

What to wear

Occasionally while getting dressed in the mornings we don’t have much inspiration and we always end up using those pieces that combine easily with everything not to beat ourselves. Here you have 5 outfits with current garments, that you can find right now in shops, in order to help you getting dressed these days!! Muchas … More What to wear

Wearing sequins

How much I suffered last year until I found this sequin bomber jacket!! Initially, I was a bit opposed to use sequins for daily outfits, but I realized I was always using it for night ones and decided to give it another try! Sequins for day? Highly depends on how they are combined. I chose … More Wearing sequins

Street Style Phenomenon

During many years street style was banished in the final pages of fashion magazines, but nowadays, the photographs made spontaneously in the streets, compete with the important fashion shows. When arriving to the fashion shows, fashion editors detain and pose and satisfy the photographers who strike the streets. Those who work in the fashion world, … More Street Style Phenomenon

Inspiration Pills I

One of the things that you should know about me is my love- obsession (after fashion of course), for gathering images in Internet. I do it since I was a kid. I wander along Internet, decoration sites and blogs, fashion style,organization and party decoration, architecture, wedding organization. I save all those images that light up … More Inspiration Pills I